Sonoma County Grand Harvest

Sep 13 – Nov 3, 2019

We have great foods to gather and share all year long-in what Luther Burbank called“ the Eden of all the Earth”-but there is a special time when our bounty fairly explodes out of the countryside. That extraordinary time runs from early September to early November.

Now we’re coming together to celebrate what we’re calling the Sonoma County Grand Harvest! We’re talking melons and peppers, tomatoes and greens, peaches and plums, squash and root veggies, apples and hops and of course grapes, grapes, grapes.

Join us as we work as a unified community to welcome the world into our corner of delicious nature with a series of events, gatherings, classes, tastings, tours, dinners (and lunches), and so much more!

Oct. 26            Farm Dinner Series—Fern Bar at Preston Farm & Winery
Oct. 28            Cheesemaking Class & Farm Tour at Pacheco Dairy
Nov. 1              Olive Harvest Celebration at Jordan Winery
Nov. 2–3         Wine & Food Affair on the Wine Road

Thank you to all who hosted and attended these glorious Grand Harvest events! 
Aug. 17-18    Gravenstein Apple Fair by Sonoma County Farm Trails at Ragle Ranch 
Sept. 21         Farm Dinner Series — Handline at Preston Farm & Winery
Sept. 21         Red Car Wine's Harvest Party
Sept. 21         Comstock Wines Harvest Tour & Lunch
Sept. 21          Farm to Table Interactive Cooking Luncheon at Jordan Winery
Sept. 22         Fall Equinox Farm Dinner with Dan Kedan at Wind & Rye
Sept. 26         Farming with the Wild: Reconciling Food Production & Habitat Conservation Goals at Sonoma County Land Trust
Sept. 28         Harvest BBQ Party at Russian River Vineyards
Sept. 28         Farm to Table Interactive Cooking Luncheon at Jordan Winery
Sept. 28         Celebrating Women's Leadership in the Food Movement at Permaculture Skills Center
Oct. 4–5        Sonoma County Harvest Fair
Oct 5               Fort Ross Harvest Festival at Fort Ross Conservancy
Oct. 5              Harvest Festival at Landmark Vineyards
Oct. 5              Farm to Table Interactive Cooking Luncheon at Jordan Winery
Oct. 6              Grand Harvest Feast Above the River
Oct. 12–13      Weekend Along the Farm Trails 
Oct. 12             AVV Estate Garden Luncheon at Alexander Valley Vineyards
Oct. 12             Fall Festival at SRJC Shone Farm
Oct. 12             Native Plant Sale & Speakers at Laguna Enviromental Center 
Oct. 13             Hands-on Cheesemaking Class at Epicurean Connection
Oct. 12–20     Tolay Fall Festival

We started towards the Sonoma County Grand Harvest Season by talking seriously – and happily – with a panel of smart, talented farmers, all of whom happen to be women. It was at the recent Gravenstein Apple Fair and it’s a quick, thoughtful look at what this is all about.

Farm Trails' Female Farmer Panel (Gravenstein Apple Fair 2019)

Indigenous Food & Farming Panel (Gravenstein Apple Fair 2019) 

Traditions (Gravenstein Apple Fair 2018), Video By Bay Area Bountiful